A crafty old Christmas

Magic Santa Dust. Handmade by yours truly


It’s normally when I catch myself humming away to Shaking Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone, that I start to come over all Kirsty Allop and out come the glue, glitter and tinsel. I’ve always made little bags of decorations (see below) for my boys’ Christmas Bazaar and so this year I thought I’d go one step further. Having seen similar bottles of Magic Santa Dust being sold online for £8.95, I thought I would turn my hands to the sparkly stuff… and make some for the children to buy for Christmas and some money for the school in return.


My usual handmade decorations in a bag


I therefore spent many hours sourcing miniature bottles with stoppers, tiny charms to add on and then even more hours filling them with the magic dust (fyi: chocolate Ready Brek mixed with glitter) and tying minute bows on each one.

Finally the Bazaar day arrives and  the 100 mini delights were greeted with exclamations of appreciation from the mums organising the event. With a sense of satisfaction, my box of delights was handed over and off I went – not being able to help on the actual afternoon.

On my return, to pick up my boys from school, I made a detour into the hall as the event was coming to an end. On arriving at the craft stall, I was pleased to see there was nothing left. “Yes, all sold,” said the Mum who had run the stall with a smile.

I was about to go on my merry way, when I noticed my best friend motioning me over with a grimace. “What do you want first – the good or the bad news?” she asked. “Er, why is there any news?” I said. “Well, everything you made was sold – which is great!” she said with a flourish. “Yesss?” “But, don’t scream, they were all sold at, er, 10p each so the children could afford them…”

“10p?” I whispered, thinking of all the hours I had spent. Now I know how Santa feels.

Lesson to be learnt? Crafting is not my way to earn a fortune… but I was satisfied to know that Santa had a very glittery welcome here in Epsom this year!


Hours of work for Christmas joy


Mini delights


How much?

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