Hardworking beauty

I’ve gathered up these little gems which are some of the most hard-working potions and lotions I’ve come across…


Ultrabalm by Lush is a petroleum free, ultra-light moisturising balm. Packed in a handy tin, it is made with jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose oil so that it easily absorbs into the skin. Gentle enough for all skin types, it can be used to soothe irritations, as a lip balm or to gently ease rough skin.

The generously sized, and very pretty, tub of Antipodes Skin Saviour Balm will not only last you for ages, but it will also solve a multitude of problems. Australian tea tree and New Zealand totara give the formula antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial healing properties while echinacea and grape seeds help skin to repair itself. From dry and cracked patches to grazes and bruises, from relieving sore muscles to nourishing nails, this is a ‘can-do-it-all’ one-cure for all.

Perfect for taking on board with you when flying, is Essential Care’s Calendula Balm. It is a concentrated blend of healing calendula, chamomile, organic oils and raw shea butter. An all-round wonder product, it can be used on chapped hands, elbows and cracked heels. It helps repair torn cuticles, conditions nails and helps tame flyaway split ends, as well as soothing skin complaints, such as psoriasis. The perfect travel companion, in fact.

Calendula is also the main ingredient in Kiwiherb’s organic Calendula Ointment. A great first-aider in a pot, this has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it ideal for use on eczema and dermatitis flare-ups, skin rashes, blisters and minor burns.

The mini bottle of Organic Argan Oil by Moroccan Natural  has been dubbed ‘liquid gold’. Argan oil has been a beauty secret of Morocco’s Berber women for the past 700 years and after using a few drops of this, we’re pretty sure you’ll be sold, too. It deeply nourishes and moisturises the skin as well as softening to prevent lines and wrinkles. The gentle, natural oil can also be used on skin prone to eczema and acne. Be warned, it does contain nuts, so not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy..

Payot’s Elixir  also gets its inspiration and ingredients from exotic places. A beautifying spray oil, containing myrrh and amaryllis extracts, it can be spritzed over the body to moisturise and give a limbs a sheen, on the hair to condition and add shine, and on the face to nourish and give a glow.

Ole Henriksen’s All Purpose Aloe Vera Gel is a must for all when holidaying in warmer climes. The vibrant green gel is wonderfully light and cooling after a day in the sun and works wonders on irritations, sunburns and rashes. It calms skin after shaving and waxing and can even be used as a simple all-over body moisturiser.

The Ultra Repair Cream by FAB (First Aid Beauty) works to relieve dry, parched or itchy areas. With its oatmeal to help protect, eucalyptus to heal and soothe and shea butter to hydrate, it is gentle enough to use head to toe, for all ages.

Loved by beauty editors everywhere, Liz Earle’s Superbalm was one of the first ‘emergency fix’ beauty products on the market. Containing rose hip oil, neroli oil and vitamin E, the salve not only smells heavenly but can fix a multitude of problems – from calming chapped skin to saving dry hair.



Why take a multitude of separate products when one-for-all will do? Perfect for all is Bliss’s Soapy Suds.A gentle formula, it trebles up as a shower gel, hand wash and bubble bath.

Living Nature’s Refreshing Body Wash contains active Manuka honey and New Zealand’s Kumerahou, which naturally cleans and softens skin. It is ideal for all, even those with sensitive skins, and gently foams in the bath.

Don’t take a two-in-one, when there’s an 18-in-one to be packed. Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap  is one of the USA’s top sellers, beloved by Gwyneth Paltrow and Natalie Portman. The liquid soap, in its apothecary-style bottle, can be used as a body wash, to clean your mouth and teeth, clothes, household and even fruit and vegetables. In fact, there’s not much it doesn’t spruce up.

Willow Organic has come up with a genius two-in-one Soap-e Loofah. Saving you on taking a liquid body wash, the loofah releases its jasmine and geranium soap after it becomes wet and also gently exfoliates.

It may have fallen out of fashion, but talc seems to be making a come back because of its multitude of uses. Yardley’s classic English Rose Talc dries damp skin and keeps you gently fragrant all day. It prevents sweating and chaffing and can be dusted into hair to refresh and mattify in between washes. Other practical uses include sprinkling it inside swimming caps to aid removal (particularly useful with little ones) and inside wellies and shoes to get rid of odours.

Packed with minerals, Ahava’s Dead Sea Mud sachets are brilliant for deep cleansing skin and replenishing lost moisture. The sachets are perfectly portable and can also be heated in a microwave or a hot bath and then liberally applied to help relieve stress, pain and aching muscles, like a spa on the go.

Guaranteed to be every girl’s new best friend is Dr Renaud’s Grapefruit Slimming Concentrate Cream Gel. Wonderfully silky in texture, it can be slathered on as an all-over body moisturiser but, best of all, while it hydrates, it also targets water retention and cellulite to refine and firm the figure.

Organic Babies Mum and Baby Moisturiser does what it says on the tin (well, on the tube, in this case). The mild lavender formula is a wonderful baby skin moisturiser or massage cream, while it is luxurious enough to use on mum’s (and dad’s) face, hands and body, too.

There’s not much more sun protection products can do than, well, protect you from the sun! But Korre’s Walnut and Coconut SPF20 Sunscreen  works hard while it is doing just that. Perfect for men, women and children, the clear formula is suitable for active sorts who want to do water sports or run around on the beach. Coconut oil deeply nourishes the skin while carrot oil extract promotes a deep uniform tan for sun-lovers. Also from Korres’ is the Yoghurt After Sun Gel. This is wonderfully cooling and gentle enough for face and body. It moisturises, calms red skin, and desensitises any irritated or inflamed skin, meaning you can use this as part of your daily routine in the summer without the need for a body moisturiser.

For those who prefer to fake it, Model Co Body Meringue Bronze Glow has to be the first three-in-one tan in a bottle. An instant bronzer, the weightless foam delivers an immediate bronze radiance, which gradually develops to a sunkissed tan. Best of all, the new launch has skin firming benefits that tighten and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Essential Care’s Gentle Herb Shampoo is kind enough to use on babies and adults alike. The first shampoo to achieve Soil Association approval, it is packed with organic ingredients and suits all hair types. A two-in-one, it uses chamomile, nettle and aloe combine to gentle cleanse scalp and hair as well as condition.

Lush’s Godiva Shampoo and Conditioning Bar works like a bar of soap but with dual effect. Making hair washing simple for all, this is perfect for travelling. Super light, you simply lather over hair, wash and rinse and you are good to go. What’s more there’s no risk of leaking bottles in your case.

Brand new is Dove’s Leave in Conditioning and Care Spray. It does away with you having to pack a separate conditioner and styling product when setting off for your hols. It can be used on damp locks to condition and strengthen or on dry hair, in between washes, for a boost of instant hydration and sheen.

A miracle in a little bottle, Macademia’s Healing Oil Spray suits all hair types and is kind to sensitive scalps. Just a few drops work to condition, hydrate and de-frizz. Perfect for curly hair, it detangles and conditions. It can be used on wet or dry hair to add shine throughout the day. It also protects against UV rays to keep tresses in tip-top condition




Korres continues to come up trumps with their practical, hard-working formulas. Another product from the Greek stable to make our list is the 3-in-1 White Tea Cleansing Water. Good for all skin types because of its gentle formula, it sweeps over face to cleanse, tone and remove eye make-up Its milk proteins also moisturise the complexion so you are not left with a taut, dried-out feeling.

Bliss’s Daily Detoxifying Facial Toner, meanwhile, sweeps away impurities and primes the face so that your moisturiser works to maximum effect. Packed with anitoxidants, it purifies and protects the skin.

You’ll not be left wanting after using Emma Hardie’s Amazing Face Cleansing Moringa Balm. A cult product, it can be used as a cleanser, seamlessly removing all traces of make-up. Leave it on the skin and it doubles up as a soothing and softening face mask. What’s more, it also can be employed as a universal ‘rescue’ balm for dry and chapped skin and lips, sun-burn and even cradle-cap on babies.

A great three-in-one, particularly suited to teens, is Simple’s Blackhead Eliminating Scrub. The face wash deeply cleanses, purifies and tones to remove dirt and unclog pores. It leaves skin looking clear and healthy – no doubt tempting the whole family to borrow it.

Also new from Simple is their Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen, which also has hidden uses. The innovative tool removes make-up mistakes while leaving the rest of your make-up untouched (why has no one thought of this before?). While it does that, it releases Vitamin B5 to protect the skin around the delicate eye area.

Soap & Glory’s For Daily Youth boasts not two but six-in-one multi-uses. It moisturises, firms and tones, soothes stressed skin, encourages collagen production, re-energises tired skin cells, improves elasticity and employs Plantflower Peptides to fight lines and wrinkles. Skin is left dewy and velvety soft.

A primer and anti-ageing serum in one is Cover FX Skin Prep’s USP. The serum hydrates skin, smoothes lines and reduces pores. It also fights skin inflammation and can be used on even the most sensitive skins.

Lastly, Jemma Kidd’s Skin Rescue Bio-Complex Veil SPF15 is possibly the ultimate multi-purpose beauty must-have. The moisturising product preps, primes, tints, illuminates and protects skin to give a flawless appearance. What more can anyone ask for?

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