Hair today

Get seriously luscious locks with my pick of the latest must-haves for hair.

Dove’s Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner ( injects a boost of moisture into dry hair and seals broken ends as well as controlling frizz. Brilliant for sea, sun and sand damaged hair.

Pretty in pink

Another classic budget brand is Alberto Balsam. Its new Strawberries and Cream Shampoo and Conditioner (from most supermarkets) will no doubt appeal to younger females in your family – not least because these have a pretty pink hue but also because they smell good enough to eat (and have soy milk proteins to leave hair looking glossy).

Oily for hair, so different to oily hair

Luxe haircare brand Gielly Green, meanwhile, is known for their premium treats for hair. A great all-rounder is the Argan Ultime ( This contains 100% organic argan oil, a real beauty buzz at the moment. It penetrates the hair shaft, strengthening damaged hair giving shiny, silky-soft locks. It can also double up as a moisturiser, stretch-mark eliminator and even nail and cuticle conditioner.

Berber Oil: on trend
Small but packs a punch

While we are on the subject of hair oils (another beauty trend of the moment), 12-year old British brand OSMO has a genius range of products also using argan oil as the central ingredient. The Berber Oil Little Luxuries ( is a travel-sized collection of goodies for hair, including the Berber Oil Shampoo, which deep cleanses, getting rid of sea salt and chlorine from holiday hair.

Glossy pot

I absolutely love this huge pot of intense conditioner from Naked ( Slather it on and pin up hair, if you have time wrap a warm towel around your head and potter around for 0 minutes. If you haven’t got the time, then it still works in just three minutes. Made with natural ingredients – such as coconut and shea – this not only smells divine, but is also velvety to the touch. Finish off with a cold rinse for extra fabulous hair.

Fix from Fish

Made by the Soho hairdressers of the same name, Fish are known for their cult, innovative products. This Fish Fixer hair spray is the perfect finish for the current trend of up-dos ( Not sticky or heavy, just  a light spray will set most styles. Bright and bold packaging, too.

Treatments on the go

Haircare guru Philip Kingsley has been in the business since 1957 and is known for his cult products such as Swimcap and Elasticizer. A trichologist, he has just introduced two new travel-sized masks to promote healthy scalps, as part of his new ‘Fitness for Hair’ Programme. The Stimulating Scalp Mask encourages hair growth while the Exfoliating Scalp Mask ( combats the build-up of flaky skin and contains aloe vera to soothe and moisturise – ideal for detoxing grime and product build-up.

Conditioner in a can

The gorgeously girly yet cool products from celebrity stylists Percy & Reed have become every beauty editor’s favourite. Loved because of their hand-drawn illustrations combined with contemporary, innovative products, such as the Dry Conditioner ( A take on dry shampoos, this keeps hair looking its best in between washes. Spray on and hair is given immediate glossy shine.

Weather drops – great for rain drops

Lastly, good for all travel conditions is TommyGuns Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum ( Developed by the brand’s stylists, a few drops of this magic potion will make hair smoother and silkier.

Happy hair days!

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