Outside in

If you are about to set off on an Autumnal trip, exploring the great outdoors may be part of your itinerary.

Make sure you take something from my essential kit. Perfect for protecting you from the elements.


Oldie but goodie – for a me moment

There’s nothing like a good soak at the end of a day spent being at one with nature. Having been on sale for over 100 years, the classic Radox Muscle Soak Bath Therapy (95p, the healthcounter.com) is based on mineral rich natural salts blended with thyme to ease away aches and pain. Just decant some into a bag or empty tub before you go.

Crystal clear

Oriflame’s Swedish Spa Relaxing Bath Crystals (£3.95, gb.oriflame.com) contain mint and detoxifying Dead Sea salts. Perfect to unwind and soften skin.

Comfort zone

For those that must have a few bubbles in their tub then Dove’s Beauty Bath i£2.10, boots.com) is an indulgent and economical treat containing moisturising cream, which leaves limbs super soft.

Healing power

While you are soaking, wash away the day’s grime and simultaneously target any strains or minor injuries with Love Your Skin’s Arnica Bath & Shower Cleansing Gel (£12.99, lys-london.com). Rich in arnica montana, lavender and geranium, it relaxes tired muscles and joints.

Bliss out

If you prefer an oil-based shower gel, then Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil (£37, aromatherapyassociates.com) also targets tired and heavy limbs with its potent blend of plant extracts and essential oils.

Sleeping aide

Yardley’s English Lavendar Luxury Body Wash (£3.50, yardleylondon.co.uk), meanwhile, is just the thing to use before bed to help aid sleep.

After your soak, it’s time to rehydrate skin with a good body cream or oil to replenish skin and get you feeling alive again.

Someone special

If you are lucky enough to have a willing certain someone on hand to give you a massage, then hand them G.Baldwin’s Everyday Aches & Pains Body Oil (£5.85, baldwins.co.uk). Made with soothing eucalyptus, rosemary, marjoram and black pepper, this has a deeply restorative effect.

Good stuff

Good Things Soothing Body Lotion (£4.99, goodthingsbeauty.com) is great for targeting dry and neglected areas. Passion fruit, peach, goji berry and blueberry will leaves skin silky smooth and good enough to eat!

Butter you up

Korres Guava Body Butter (£12.50, waitrose.com) is a soothing body cream ideal for dry elbows, heels and knees. It uses guava, a source of vitamin C that stimulates collagen production, shea butter and quince extract to moisturise and restore elasticity to skin. And smells fabulous, too.

Body works

Lastly, Dove’s Pro-Age Nourishment Body Cream Oil (£5.99, boots.com) is a great option for older walkers. It contains rich glycerin and olive oil to deeply nourish and lock in moisture.

Face the world

Face the great outdoors

Walking all day means you are literally facing the elements for long periods of time. A good facial moisturiser is essential to prevent damage and dehydration. Australian skincare brand Natio’s Ageless Daily Moisturiser (£13.60, Debenhams.com) is perfect for protecting the face during summer days spent outside. It has a SPF 30 and is enriched with rosehip oil, a powerful antioxidant to help protect the skin from free radical damage.

The science bit…

Suited to those walking in harsher conditions is StriVectin-SH Age Protect SPF30 (£45, spacenk.co.uk). It is a sun cream and moisturiser in one – formulated specifically for those enjoying active holidays in high altitudes and dry winds. It is a sheer formulation that contains the brand’s NIA-114 molecule, clinically proven to repair existing damage while strengthening the skin’s natural protective layer.

Charge it up

Walking in the UK? Then Dr Nick Lowe’s Super Charged SPF15 Day Cream (£17.35, boots.com) is the one for you. It gives UVA protection and contains the label’s Anti Age Cranley Complex, which shields the skin from environmental conditions and so helping to prevent visible ageing.

Sorbet for your skin

If your complexion has been left dry and dehydrated from too much time spent outside, then you’ll surely love Caudalie’s Vinosource Crème Moisturising Sorbet (£22, uk.caudalie.com). This gel-cream turns into water upon contact with the skin to instantly soothe and fortify. It is 98% natural and great for younger, sensitive skins.

Feed your skin with watercress cream

New from Korres is their Watercress Ultra Nourishing and Moisturising Cream (£19, feelunique.com). It targets weathered skin and helps cell renewal by using argan oil and shea butter.

A regal approach

Queen’s Sensiderma Moisture Soothe  (£15.75, queen-cosmetics.com) is aimed at mature skins and sensitive types that have conditions such as rosacea. Aloe vera and almond oil are among the ingredients to give deep moisture and relieve tightness.

To prevent chapped lips, make sure you also include a balm in your backpack.

Pucker up

LP Skin Therapy’s Lip Rescue Gel (£15, lpskintherapy.com) not only prevents cracked or sore lips but also contains St John’s Wort and wild yam for a calming effect and orange oil to improve your mood.

Kissing comfort

Living Nature’s Lip Balm (£9.75, livingnature.com) uses active Manuka honey to keep lips smooth and soft and is suitable for the whole family.

Problem areas

Ease up

There’s nothing worse than aches and pains to spoil your holiday. Novices to walking for prolonged periods should pack Essential Care’s Muscle Ease (£9.50, essential-care.co.uk) for use at the end of each day. Essential oils are blended to give relief to painful joints, muscles and minor strains.

Little wonders

Kiwiherb’s Comfrey and Calendula Ointments (£7.09, kiwiherb.co.uk) are handy to have to hand when out and about. The Comfrey Ointment uses comfrey leaf and root, with lavender essential oil, in a natural base of sunflower oil and beeswax. The result is a natural anti-inflammatory aid to reduce swelling and bruising. The Calendula Ointment, meanwhile, heals sore areas and blisters.

Tiger bright
Age-old, modern remedy

The age-old Tiger Balm Red (£2.89, thehealthcounter.com) is a herbal ointment designed to relieve aching joints and muscles. Natural ingredients, such as Cajuput oil, clove oil, menthol and camphor, work to calm irritation and swelling due to sprains, strains, backache and arthritis. The balm can also help relieve tension headaches, and itchiness caused by insect bites.

Oil your joints

Thea Spa Natural Deep Tissue Oil Blend (£5.95, theaskincare.co.uk) can be used as a massage oil or added to a bath. The combination of natural essential oils, such as basil, black pepper, chamomile, eucalyptus and rosemary, is deeply penetrative when massaged into injuries or rheumatic pain. It also removes toxins, provides a natural pain relief and aids relaxation.

Miracle in a pot

Champney’s Skin Comforting Miracle Balm (£5, boots.com) is formulated with shea butter, known for its healing properties, and sweet almond oil to nourish damaged skin. It’s a super-intensive quick-fix treatment for any dry and itchy patches.

Wipe it away

Lastly, to keep you fresh and fragrant as you explore the great outdoors, why not take a sachet of 4711 Original Eau De Cologne Wipes (£3, boots.com). It’s the simplest way to keep you from feeling hot and bothered.

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