Have an everyday Ritual

Turn your bathroom into a spa: have a Rituals moment


Today my Big Reveal belong to the the amazing products that come from the Rituals stable. I absolutely love this brand. Whether it’s the Yogi Flow Shower Foam (and I also love a foam) scented with sweet almond oil and Indian rose or the Yogi Secret Foot Scrub – they all seem to feel luxurious and smell heavenly. Best of all the Rituals range is eminently affordable – the Foam, for instance, is just £7 and the genius Foot Scrub, that leaves feet scrubbed and smooth, is just £10.

The Rituals philosophy aims to transform our everyday routines into meaningful rituals – so a quick shower is heightened to a spa-like experience by using wonderfully scented and sensual products. Sounds a bit far-fetched but they are at least a wonderful start (or end) to your day.

Other favourites include the Gingko’s Secret Hand Balm (£10) (it immediately sinks in to leave hands baby-soft) and the Rice Scrub (£9) a calming body exfoliator that includes cream so is wonderfully gentle on the skin but yet is still effective on rough patches.

Use all four for the perfect ‘aaah!’ moment.



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