Yes, Indeed

No nonsense products, that make you see things clearer

Never mind that their packaging looks the same as the boxes my disposable contact lenses come in, today is a heads-up on an exciting new beauty brand to hit our shores.

The no-nonsense Canadian beauty label Indeed Labs are known on their own shores for their high-tech products that deliver real results. Priding themselves on cutting through the hype (marketing is kept to a bare minimum to keep costs down), the products aim to deliver visible results using high concentrations of the rarest, most effective actives from clinical laboratories. Indeed is all about highly specify treatment products with reasonable prices and no marketing hype. We like indeed.

It’s all a blur

Firstly, is their hero product Nanoblur. It boasts that it gives younger skin in an instant. And it does. It glides on like a dream and skin is left looking, well, just slightly fresher. Lines merge away, pores reduce and creases seem to fade. It’s kind of like being air-brushed in real life. I loved this understated-looking ‘super cream’ and the price which is just £19.99. So much cheaper than its many more expensive competitors but just as good.

Flutterly lovely

Apply this magic eyelash serum on  your lashes morning and night for two weeks and lash length is said to increase by 43% because of its active peptides. I am still trialling Peptalash at the moment and can safely say that so far, so good. My lashes seem fuller and heavier. Peptalash also darkens the lash line so the eyes are given a natural yet dramatic look.

Banishing the lines

I love a serum that actually works. Sometimes there are just so many products to layer on in the morning, that you wonder what it is all for. Snoxin has a purpose. It specifically improves wrinkles and sagging skin. The serum uses next-generation anti-ageing peptides at their highest tolerable concentration. So let’s face it, if this doesn’t work – nothing will! Its been designed to out-perform laser treatments and botox (and at just £29.99). Start queuing now, girls!


Giving you a boost

The Hydraluron moisture-boosting serum acts like a drink for the skin, leaving it dewy and youthful. Its secret is in the Hydraluron Acid that it contains, which increases skin elasticity by 27% within eight weeks. What’s more, if you consistently use this, the skin is able to retain moisture long-term therefore combating premature ageing caused by dehydration. The Hyaluronic Acid that is used is also the first kind that is 100% free from animal-derived raw materials. Meaning it is as pure as it can be. My skin was left noticeably radiant and ‘plump’. Result!

Eye, eye

Are you noticing fine lines and creases around the eyes. No? Just me then. Pop Eysilix on and its ten active petides will pep you up in no time. It works to temporarily inhibt the cotnraction of eye wrinkles. In other words, eyes appear smooth and wide awake. Its like a beauty flash balm for the eyes. Now you’ve woken up!


All products are available at Visit for more information.


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