A little bit of sparkle under your tree

Have a glow this Christmas


Granted my pick of the day may be a bit niche, but once you try this, I guarantee you’ll want to share it. Billed as Hollywood’s best kept secret, Glamglow Youth Mud is a ‘supermask’ that’s essentially an anti-ageing facial in a jar. Originally created for behind-the-scenes use for the film industry, it gives an immediate camera-ready glowing effect.

Be as bright as a candle this Christmas

The mask contains volcanic minerals to detoxify and exfoliate and French sea clay which is combined with Teaoxi, a patent pending skin brightener. Together they work to protect the skin from free radicals, hydrate and balance the oil levels. Apply on to a clean face and leave for 5-10 minutes or until it dries. Be warned, skin feels weirdly tingly when applied, which apparently is the skin’s collagen synthesis being triggered which creates the glow that is said to last for up to three days.

Rinse off with water, using circular motions to deepen the level of exfoliation.

Your star turn


Whether you give this little gem away as a piece of beauty bounty under someone’s tree, or keep it for yourself to be radiant this festive season, this is one of my most favourite finds this winter. The glam black and silver packaging and retro Hollywood-style typography are gorgeous and it really feels like a cult find. Best of all it’s quick and easy to use and really does give a ‘just got back from holiday’ sparkle. Burn baby burn.


From £19.99, glamglowmud.co.uk

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