Star of Wonder! Aura light!

Launched today – the new Aura beauty balm. Illuminating.

Day 8 of my Christmas Countdown and it’s also a sneak preview of a new wonder-product. Launched today is Aura by the cult Belmacz beauty brand.

Better known for its bijoux jewellery designed by  Julia Muggenburg, the Belmacz name recently launched its own beauty collection, and it is full of gems of a different kind. The latest addition is Aura, a beauty balm that takes inspiration from gleaming pearls and shimmering golds. It is sure to brighten (literally) every girl’s Christmas morning. Giving the skin a light rose-tinted lustre, a tiny dab sinks in seamlessly and gives skin a dewy, peachy effect.

The resulting opulent glow, think sunkissed meets airbrushed, is down to the use of 24-carat gold leaf and ultra-fine crushed pearl powder, proving the leap from jewellery design to skincare is not so vast. There’s also Vitamin E-enriched rosehip oil and cocoa butter, meaning it sinks in effortlessly and leaves the skin wonderfully soft. Best of all, it’s suitable for every skin tone, and can be used on cheeks, lids and lips.

It’s a gem of a present, perfect for when the budget doesn’t stretch to real jewels.


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