A dusting of magic

What’s the story, eyelid glory?


Day 13 of my Christmas Beauty Countdown guide to gifts and today I have something for make-up junkies with a conscience. Ethical beauty brand Terre D’Oc’s Powder Eye Shadow is a little pot of irridiscent loose colour – perfect for the shimmering season.

Terre D’Oc is known in the beauty world for its ethical, organic mineral range. Inspired by the beauty secrets of women from Morocco, India, Bali and Japan. I love the fact that this make-up is refreshingly different, with some real thought behind it, featuring rich pigments inspired by nature’s ochres. Each product has a ‘story’ as to what inspired its creation and they all contain Fair Trade ingredients and come in eco packaging. What’s more, the formulas are rich in vitamins, omegas and antioxidants, which nourish and protect the skin, while making it look good.

This powder eyeshadow, for instance, in a lovely golden-coppery shade (Cuivre Irise) is inspired by traditional Indian Bindis, where women decorate their foreheads with tilika made from pomegranate powder. It gives a subtle shimmery effect – due to its 80% ochre and Mother of Pearl. Perfect to sparkle away this Christmas.

£12.95, terredoccosmetics.co.uk


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