Not a soap on a rope

Getting fruity

Day 27 of my Christmas Countdown and if you thought my choice of a simple bar of soap was uninspired, then think again. For this is not just any soap. The Il Frutteto Pomegranate and Blackcurrent soap is made by one of the best in the business, Florentine brand Nesti Dante.

Established in Florence in 1945, the label started with only one 50l cauldron to make soaps in. Now it is renowned throughout the world for its fine soaps (and, incidentally, its cauldrons have grown to0 – to 120,ooo litres). The company remains true to its roots and still produces all natural soaps using the traditional and extremely labour intensive cauldron method, regarded as the only way to produce soaps of the highest quality.

A star is born

The result is a creamy product that leaves skin silky soft. Inspired by the fragrance of an Italian garden in high summer. It is both beautifully scented and deeply nourishing. Even before you’ve taken off the lovely, thick paper packaging (with retro fruit print), the scent of fruity, rich pomegranate and blackcurrant pervades. It’s about as far removed from a soap on a rope as you can get.


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