Keep a clear head

A little goes a long way

Day 30 of my Christmas Countdown and here’s an idea. I love to buy little bits and pieces for friends to open up on the Big Day. I wrap them all individually and buy a nice gift box to fit them in. They open it to find lots of little lovely, well-thought out pressies.

Making it into my boxes this year will be Trevor Sorbie’s Minis. The travel-sized shampoos and conditioners are perfect for weekends or nights away and for holidays. They don’t skimp on quality, either, as they are just smaller versions of Trevor Sorbie’s Professional Beautifaul Hair range. Love the Beautifully Moisturised Frizz-Free Conditioner the most – ideal for humid climates (we can but wish!).

£1.99 each,

One thought on “Keep a clear head

  1. This is an awesome idea! I think I will have to use this method for my christmas shopping going forward! It’s nice to find a bunch of little useful gifts sometimes instead of one huge present! Great post!

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