Couture Christmas…

Capture their imagination this year

How gorgeous is this? My choice for Day 33 of my Christmas Countdown is one of the loveliest yet. Valentino’s Valentina Assoluto packaging alone is so feminine and pretty – what girl wouldn’t like to find it under the tree this year?

I love to read about the story behind the creation of scents. And this one takes flight when it comes to the imagination. The sensual Valentina Assoluto is inspired by the mysterious world of Italy of old. Lace dresses glimpsed in the shadows of an ancient, crumbling palazzo. Dusk over Rome, as the scent’s muse prepares for the evening ahead, bathed in light. Essentially this is the olfactory equivalent of the label’s renowned and impeccable couture creations: imperious, expensive and luxurious.

Couture in a bottle

In real terms, this has culminated into an intense fragrance, with a chypre signature. Top fresh notes of bergamot and white Alba truffle turn into a softer caress with an elegant note of Smeggia peach, giving way to a bouquet of jasmine and tuberose, touched by delicate vanilla. Its inherently sexy and seems to deepen through the day as it develops on the skin, leaving a trail of blossom behind you.

The bottle is infinitely touchable. Made of smooth, amber opaline glass, it is adorned with one large dusty-pink flower, the emblem of Valentino couture, and an ornate copper cap, topped by a black pearl. Spoil someone this year.

£61, tel: 0207 494 6220,  for stockist information

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