Mind over matter

Leaving you senseless

Day 37 of my Christmas Countdown and I’m featuring another soap, another new generation bar that puts the old-fashioned bar of soap back in our beauty cupboards. The Unwinding Soap Bar is a great little stocking filler for stress-out loved ones. It’s made by Blend Collective, a new, modern natural body care range from the UK that offers threes luxury fragranced blends, Enlivening, Unwinding and Balancing, made with high quality skincare ingredients.

The soap is part of the Unwinding collection and contains sandalwood, frankincense, cedarwood and neroli essential oils, chosen for their deeply relaxing properties. Sea buckthorn, sea kelp, sweet almond and chestnut provide soothing nourishment, leaving skin soft and refreshed.

Its great to see a natural brand go down the contemporary route, when it comes to its packaging. Featuring huge typography and a different colourway for each blend, this is as far away from country-house twee as you can get. What’s more, as well as its therapeutic benefits, this little darling gives off an amazing aroma – leaving you sweetly scented. Pure bliss, modern UK-style.

£9.50, blendcollective.co.uk


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