Good. Inside and out




Today in my Christmas Countdown is a brand new launch that will get beauty lovers all in a spin. The first product from new label Dr Jackson’s Natural Products is the O1 Skin Cream. Created by leading Pharmacognosist (the study of medicinal plants) Dr Simon Jackson, the unisex skin cream was 19 years in the making and contains bioactive extracts of wild harvested Kigelia Pinnata (aka the ‘sausage’ tree), and vitamin C Rich Baobab from sub-Sahara Africa. The combination, with shea butter and marula seed oil, leaves skin smooth and illuminated, age spots diminished, puffiness reduced and elasticity restored, giving glowing skin.

The idea is a skin brand that gives significant results but is organic and ethical to boot. Aiming to utilise the best from nature, Jackson has trekked the world’s rainforests to seek out indigenous plants and learn their ancient medicinal uses from local Shamans. The company also gives a percentage of proceeds from sales to The Natural Product Community a non- profit organisation that will fund medicinal plant research taking funds back to the country of origin of the plant species to support indigenous cultures, starting with local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.


As well as his cool ethos, his products also look right on the money with simple typography and a hip ‘lab’ look. The ethical and organic cream is also free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils, leaving skin plumped and soft. Kind and hard-hitting. It’s brand new.



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