READER GIVEAWAY! A Queenly way to end the year



Queen Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands. A UK brand, a specialist for sensitive skins, and a fantastic heritage of making gorgeous products dating back to 1927. Right up my street. As luck what have it, they seem to rather like me, too. Or rather YOU – my readers. So… as a very special Christmas Gift to you – I have both my products of the day available to give to one lucky reader.

The first person to write a comment on this post (living in the UK) will be sent both the following gift ideas! Read on:

Queen Cosmetics Eye Make-Up Remover comes in a little retro pot, and has a solid formula, which melts onto the skin when applied taking off all traces of make-up. It’s gentle enough not to irritate sensitive skin or eyes.

Another Queen Classic and a perfect stocking filler for Christmas this year is the Eyelash Cream. Smooth on after taking off make-up and use overnight to help condition lashes when sleeping. to encourage growth and keep lashes hydrated. Lashes have been a real focus point in the beauty world over the past year so this is the perfect gift for anyone wanting their lashes to look long and strong. It also doubles up as an eyebrow grooming cream – apply to eyebrows to help them to look neat and glossy.

Post a comment, and both are yours. Now on your marks, what do you think about that?

For more information on Queen Cosmetics, visit:



4 thoughts on “READER GIVEAWAY! A Queenly way to end the year

  1. I have been looking for a good eye make up render for ages, mine don’t seem to do what it says on the tin!!!

    1. Sorry, sent to early. Where can I buy this from as sounds like the one I’m looking for. Thank you

  2. Thank you so much for the products you sent me. The queen eye make up remover is brilliant and finally I now have a product that actually removes mascara rather than waking up the next morning and still having make up under my eyes! Thank you very much!

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