Shine like the star you are

We three Kings
We three Kings

Today on my Christmas Countdown I am featuring Aussie hair products. I’m fond of this brand. The products remind me of being a teenager in the UK when these were first launched. They were regarded as cult products back then, because (gasp) they actually worked and they were from Australia! They have remained among my favourite hair products and better still, the formulations have improved over the years. Why not bundle up a few products in tissue paper and ribbon and make up a beauty box for a dear friend. These products are practical and give amazingly shiny hair.

The Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo is actually inspired by ancient Aussie beauty secrets and uses extracts of Australian Ginseng for boosting energy and Pearl powder for sparkle, in a secret shine formula. Follow up with the matching Miracle Shine Conditioner for uber shiny tresses. For an extra boost, though, the Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle deeply nourishes and smoothes tired locks into full beam shine in just 3 minutes. Glossy gorgeousness.

From £4.99,

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