Just add some Glossing

Blondes have more fun


Perfect for the party season, this gift set from Mark Hill is just the thing to dazzle a blonde close to you. Containing a Shampoo, Conditioner, Anti-Humidity Spray and Hair Spray, the four-piece Blonde Ambition gift set is my pick of the day and a funky little gift, to boot.


The Shine Enhancing Shampoo clarifies and brightens blonde hair whilst strengthening deep down. Hair is left smooth with a sparkling mirror shine.

The Highlight Reflecting Conditioner boosts hair colour, leaving it glossy.


The ultra-light Babe’a’licious Anti-Humidity Shine Spray seals each strand of hair with an invisible jacket to keep your hair smoother for longer and add a beautiful long lasting shine.

While, the Fabulous Finish Hairspray brushes out easily without a build-up, ensuring your hair looks great from morning until night.

And if your friends aren’t blonde? Don’t worry, there’s a Brunette version of this, too.

£10, boots.com

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