Cute and curlies

Filling the gap and fighting the frizz


At last! I couldn’t believe it when these lovelies – Mixed Chicks haircare – landed on my desk. As my two boys are mixed-race, I’ve hunted high and low over the past few years for ‘cool’ looking products, that are not overloaded with chemicals, that my boys don’t mind using. Most hair products available over here are hard to come by if you don’t live in a city and are sourced from the States. Most have garish packaging with many boasting American-style smiling girls on the bottle. A big no no for boys, I can tell you. My boys hate using them. Lots of the products are also greasy and too heavy for their fine, albeit curly locks.

As it happens, Mixed Chicks products are actually from the States, too, but have just been launched in the UK. But they have one big difference from the others. First up – they are specifically targeted to children with curly hair (there’s an adult range, too, but it’s the kids range that fills the gap in the market). Secondly, the packaging is fresh and contemporary – no 70s style here and no gender biaise. Lastly, the products are paraben, sulphate and alcohol free.

The Shampoo (£9.95) boosts moisture (vital as mixed hair can get very dry), and cleanses without stripping hair. There’s also a Kids Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner, too – both products mean hair is easy to comb and curls are left soft and defined. Plus, there’s a kids Tangle Tamer  which means no more pulling on dry tangled hair – it revives hair with just one spritz (all products are £9.95)

The curl defining formula has actually been designed for curly kids with all hair types, but is particularly suited to mixed race, Mediterranean and Afro hair. Mixed Chicks founder Wendi Levy has said: Hair products shouldn’t be designed around what race somebody is, but rather what texture their hair is.” The brand was designed by two mixed race women (Kim Etheridge and Wendy Levy) who found it difficult to find products that suited their hair texture – as neither European nor Afro hair products seemed to work for them.

The UK has one of the fastest growing mixed race populations in the world, with an annual growth rate of nearly 5% year-on-year, so finally it looks like they are being recognised – if it is only on the chemists’ shelves.


From the same range, are these genius little travel sachets – just £2 each, they contain shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner capsules – ideal for holidaying or weekends away.

Cute capsules


Frizz be gone


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