Pretty in Pixi

Pixi Boutique, Fouberts S
Pixi Boutique, Fouberts Place

Such a pretty little beauty event this week at the Pixi boutique on London’s Foubert Place, off Carnaby Street.

Showcasing the new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, the day unearthed some more genius products from one of my favourite beauty brands.

Lid Last Shadow Pen
Lid Last Shadow Pen

One of Pixi’s most popular products the Lid Last Shadow Pen, for instance, will now be available in a lovely shimmery Gentle Gold. It is just the thing to give lids a hint of colour and a suggestion of glamour. Really flattering. These easy-to-apply chubby eye crayons simply glide colour onto eyelids and are waterproof, so there’s no sliding of colour halfway down the face, halfway into your day.

Nail colour
Nail colour: Deepest Dahlia

There are three new nail polishes for A/W – a shimmery silver (Precious Pewter), a metallic grey (Charcoal Celebration) and my fave, this dark, almost black shade, called Deepest Dahlia. It is actually very similar to Chanel’s classic Rouge Noir but is a shade darker.

Giving it a thumbs up
Giving it a thumbs up
Crayon Combo
Crayon Combo

This also caught my eye: the Crayon Combo in Wide Awake comes with two sides – lighten and brighten. It can be used to lighten the inside of the eyes and also to highlight on the lid area or just simply to use as a neutral shadow. Great with pairing with a simple eye-liner.

New products for A/W 13
New products for A/W 13
Shimmy on down to Pixi

While there, I couldn’t help but browse the current Spring/Summer stock:

Spring delights
Spring delights
So pretty...
So pretty…
Classic must-haves

To show online, visit:

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