Bathroom bounty

As the hols are fast approaching, thoughts turn to checking into hotels and being away from home for a while. If you are one of the lucky few and are jetting off to lounge around in a luxury resort – you’ll no doubt think you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to bathroom bounty. Indeed, one of the joys of checking into a gorgeous hotel is the luxury of a vast bathroom and the goodies to be found there. But even the most sumptuous and well-thought out hotels often overlook some of the essentials. Here’s what not to forget:


Why is it that your plush hotel room doesn’t have a small tube of toothpaste in it? It’s one of the things you are likely to forget and an item that is absolutely essential. For something different to the usual brand names, try Korres Spearmint and Lime Total Care Toothpaste (£6,  It has an exceptionally fresh taste and uses spearmint essential oil and lime to fight decay and plaque.


The same applies to lip balms, and Korres also comes up trumps with its Mandarin Lip Butter Sticks (£8, I find a lip balm an essential when away in hot climates (in any climate, in fact) but for some reason I often forget to pack one. These come with a subtle tint or clear and contain vital sun protection, to prevent chapped lips


While you’ll find shower gels, shampoos and conditioners lined up alongside your bath-tub, many hotels also don’t provide body or face-care products. Dove Essential Nourishing Body Lotion (£4.99, is a good all-rounder for all the family. It nourishes deep down and leaves dry skin soft and supple. It feels really rich and indulgent and is one of the best budget body creams around, Love the fact that it sinks in immediately and leaves limbs with a nice sheen.


Flip-flops and sandals can leave heels dry and cracked, so a good addition to your beauty bag is a foot cream such as Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream (£6.15, It relieves sore areas and softens skin after just 24 hours. For those prone to badly cracked heels, take a tube of Neutrogena’s Cracked Heel Foot Cream (£5,, which gives a more intensive, visible result from first application.


Sjal’s Saphir Concentrate Anti-ageing Face Oil (£125, may have a hefty price tag but it’s just the thing to give you the glow of the well-rested. This ‘liquid silk’ weightless oil is infused with Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine to calm the senses and restore balance. It also contains an artisanal blend of rare essential oils and a bioactive complex to diminish the appearance of fine lines and to plump the skin. It’s a wonderfully indulgent product and the perfect beauty accompaniment for jetsetters. I love the little aquamarine stone my sample came with.


For those that like to travel light, a small bottle of Argan Oil is a fantastic multipurpose product to take away with you. Kahina Giving Beauty’s (£74, version is considered the Rolls Royce of Argan Oils due to its richness of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Simply apply a couple of drops to the face and neck after cleansing, and it helps restore skin elasticity, improves skin tone and soothes irritation. It can also be used as a body oil, to soften dry elbows and heels and on the hair to prevent frizz and to add shine. in fact, you can basically go away with a bottle of this and not much else and you’ll be fine.


Meanwhile, make sure your complexion doesn’t miss out. Ayurveda Pura’s Radiant Beauty Daily Face Wash (£18.95, contains lavender, mandarin and lemon essential oils and gently cleanses the face.


Ginvera’s Exfoliating Marvel Gel (£19.95, will revitalise skin after a day in the sun. The gentle gel removes dead skin cells and prevents break-outs, leaving you glowing. It has a unique ‘smooth’ texture for an exfoliator – it feels like a liquid gel and at first you wonder how effective it can be. But after using it once, you’ll see how it leave skin miraculously smooth. One of the new-generation products to add to your must-have list.


Good Things Five Minute Facial Mask (£5.99, is a great little problem solver. It contains green clay and kaolin to draw out impurities, avocado oil to moisturise, goji berry extract to soothe and willow bark for radiance. The no-nonsense formula dries in five minutes and can be rinsed off to reveal clear skin. It’s a fab addition to your suitcase. On holiday, you often have much more time to think about using indulgent products – such as masks, hair conditioners etc but equally you don’t necessarily want to sit around for 20 minutes with a clammy mask on. This is the perfect solution – fast-acting to achieve clear skin in minutes and meaning that you won’t miss out on any sightseeing.


The classic Pond’s Institute Nourishing Anti-Wrinkle cream (£4.07,, meanwhile, is more than just a basic moisturiser. It contains a SPF15 and can be used by men and women to help maintain a healthy complexion. White tea extract and Vitamin B work together to soften skin and deeply hydrate.


Keep cool and calm throughout the day with Filorga’s Eau Anti-Ageing Mist (£54, This booster in a spritz refreshes and energises when the temperature rises, and keeps wrinkles at bay.


If you are spoiling yourself by being on a luxury getaway then the ultimate hair product to take is Rodin by Recine Olio Lusso (£60, Created by hairdresser to the stars Bob Recine, it is packed with sweet almond, neroli and jojoba essential oils as well as rosemary and juniper. Apply after shampoo and conditioner and hair is left lustrous and beautifully scented. You won’t need to take any other hair products with you as it can also be used on dry hair as a styling aid.


Of course, it goes above and beyond for a resort to supply sun-care products, so make sure you are well prepared. Boots Soltan Once Kids Waterplay Hypoallergenic Suncare Lotion, SPF 50+ (£15.99, gives eight hours protection from one application (and one hour water resistance) so perfect for active children. Boots Once Kids Rapid Cover (£11.99, gives even coverage and is non-sticky (so sand won’t stick to the little ones). It is also suited to sensitive skins.

Soltan Once Invisible 8 Hour Sun Protection SPF 25 (£17.99, is an ideal option for all the family. It gives all-day protection and has a transparent formula.


New for this year from Piz Buin is its Wet Skin Transparent Sun Spray (15 and 30 SPF, £17.99. It is a non-greasy spray that is water-resistant and can be applied directly to dry or wet skin.


Piz Buin’s After Sun Lotions (£10.49, come with either aloe vera and mint extract to give a cooling effect or with Tanimel to boost the natural tanning process. Both drench skin in moisture and prevent peeling.


Lastly, pack a bottle of Viridian’s S.P.F Skin Pro-Factors (£15.65, capsules to boost your antioxidant protection from the inside. The vegetarian capsules have been formulated to aid the maintenance of healthy skin, especially during the summer months and protects against sun-related skin damage. We’re guessing you won’t find these in your hotel bathroom.

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