Home from home

In my final post on new trends for homes, we come to my favourite – HOMESPUN

With crafting and handmade products enjoying huge popularity at the moment, skills such as knitting, crocheting and DIY are back in vogue. Applied to the home, it means there’s a growing interest in items that look handmade, as well as textured fabrics and a wink to the folklore look of the 70s. Again, it’s the details that matter, rather than a full-on homemade assault. Choose wisely and you’ll achieve rooms that will be uniquely personalised and warmly rustic.

Oliie Ella's Gumball rug from
Oliie Ella’s Gumball rug from
Zoe Darlington Lamp from Anthropologie
Zoe Darlington Lamp from Anthropologie


Kasia basket from Habitat
Kasia basket from Habitat

Add layers of interest to a room with textured accessories, such as Ollie Ella’s Gum Ball Nursery Rug (£249, nubie.co.uk), the floral Zoe Darlington Lamp (£398, anthropologie.eu) and Kaisa Fair Trade Original baskets from Habitat (£18, habitat.co.uk).

Blue bobbins from Providence
Prov_Light pulls oak
Light pulls from Providence
Vintage cabinet at Providence

Cambridge-brand Providence (providenceuk.com) is also an excellent source for the rough-hewn look. Its handmade furniture, such as cabinets, Shaker dressers and linen presses, are all made to order with a choice of chalky paint colours. Check out their gloriously old-fashioned wooden light pulls, vintage blue bobbins and balls of utility-chic jute.

“At Providence we source items that are timeless and crafted; some are vintage and others newly manufactured. Customers are coming to us to revitalise dated or tired furniture with knobs, handles, paint and wax,” says Kathy Ritchie of Providence.

Miho Deer Heads from
Miho Deer Heads from Rigby and Mac

Katharine Maclaverty owner of lifestyle store Rigby & Mac (rigbyandmac.com) agrees that the homemade look is very much of the moment: “We are seeing shoppers who are after a more rustic and eclectic look.  The trend towards hand-crafted items includes the use of vibrant, global designs such as our accessories inspired by Tibetan embroidery and more unusual finds, such as the floral printed Miho Deer Heads [£32].”

Over at Nest in Burwash Manor, Cambridge (homestuffwithhistory.co.uk), the premise is ‘homestuff with history’. It’s a treasure-trove of vintage furniture and accessories mixed with new British-made products. Paisley silk eiderdowns, vintage children’s books and crystal handles provide an eclectic mix to create a home with a heart.


That’s the end of my little look at interiors trends. Thanks for sticking with it for the past four days. The whole feature was written by me for the August issue of The Cambridge Edition Magazine 



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