Scents in the spotlight: new and old


I’m normally really fussy about perfumes – preferring simple, single-note scents rather than many of the over-bearing fragrances from big name brands, that end up smelling the same and synthetic. It’s probably a result of too much time spritzing Georgio Beverley Hills and Dior’s Poison – the must-wears when I was younger.

But there are always exceptions to any rule and there are two fragrances that I have discovered – and rediscoverd – that have done just that – one new and one a classic.

IMG_3172 IMG_3174

The first is the new launch from Jimmy Choo – the brand’s second fragrance. I could write reams about the layers and the notes and all the other baffling info that comes with a big new launch, such as this, but you probably won’t want to know it. Do you know what a solar floral is, for instance? No, didn’t think so. So what I will say is that FLASH is simply gorgeous. It’s one of the scents that after spraying it on my wrist, I couldn’t help keep nuzzling it to my face to inhale it again and again.

Pink pepper (what perfume doesn’t have this these days?), tangerine, jasmine, tuberose, white lily – make up just some of its blends – which reads like a veritable garden in a bottle. But does it matter? Not really – all you need to know is that it smells heavenly, glamourous and darn sexy. It cheered me up immensely that I LOVE a new launch at last.

On top of that, I have to mention the gorgeous, crystal-shaped bottle which is eminently touchable – just sitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. Divine like an oversized diamond – and what girl wouldn’t like that?

IMG_3176 IMG_3180

Now I come to my second love at the moment. It’s a bit of a flashback and may seem like a contradiction, seeing that I started this post off with the fact that I don’t often like mass produced scents. Well, they don’t come any more mass produced that Thierry Mugler’s Angel. But I don’t care – I’ll be wearing this again and again, now that I have refound it.

It was launched 20 years ago in the US (yes, really), but it still smells unbelievably ‘now’. It was one of the big hitters of the 80s but stood apart from the others as it was the first ever oriental ‘gourmand’ – with its notes of caramel, praline and vanilla. Nowadays these notes are the norm, but Angel was the originator, paving the way for many modern-day fragrances.

What’s more, it’s blue, which I adore, and came in a unique star-shaped bottle (first of its kind at the time). On top of that, Angel was refillable. It was another innovation, which proved unbelievably popular with women – and these days it still is – with someone refilling their bottle every 10 seconds.

While I’ll concede it may be a ‘love it or hate it’ scent – I love it. Don’t be a hater.


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