Magical metallics


Clear out the clutter! After coming face to face (pun intended) with Dior’s new Fall 2013 make-up collection, I looked in my make-up drawer and found that all my current make-up looks so tired. So I’ve streamlined my bounty with these beauties having the starring role.


The 5 Coleurs Mystic Metallics is the gorgeous eye-shadow palette. It comes in two versions – the other one being shades of violet and silver. But I love this mermaid-inspired one, called Bonne Etoile, ideal for most skin-colours , boasting coppery neutrals, sea-blues and sage-greens. So flattering on.


Next up is this Coral Cruise Dior Blush. I wouldn’t normally go for this shade of blush, preferring a bronzer with a dab of pink to finish, but actually although appearing like it would be a strong colour, it actually is very subtle, giving skin a veil of colour (so not too deep in tone). The corally hue gives an up-to-the-minute look, leaving skin gorgeous and peachy.


I haven’t stopped wearing this lately. The Dior Addict Extreme lip colour in Fortune is a deep rose-pink shade – it is fairly neutral but has a glam-ness about it – giving your make-up a professional ‘done’ look, especially when used with the Grege lip pencil.




Lastly finish off with one of the new nail polish colours. The opal-pink Destin goes with everything, while the pillar-box red Trafalgar is a new classic and one to earmark for the festive season ahead.


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