Nodge over knots

It looked slightly scary when it landed on my desk, but we all know that first impressions can be deceiving: the new Back Nodger has become my new best friend.

3d product shot

I’ve always suffered from neck problems and bad posture and the last time I had a massage, the therapist even declared that she had never felt so many knots in an upper back before. As the treatment became more and more painful, with her trying in vain to ease them, I silently despaired (except for the odd shriek or two).

Of course, if I had the time and funds, a daily massage and frequent trips to an osteopath would be high on my wish list and would no doubt cure these common ailments – but, alas, Rockefeller my last name ain’t.

A warm welcome then to this latest health gadget, which claims to instantly relieve knots and relieve tension. The invention is a genius one and couldn’t be simpler. The crooked stick simply hooks over your shoulders to access all those hard-to-reach places. When you locate a knot or a sore area, all you do is apply pressure to the red massage head and breath deeply. The motion is just like having a deep massage, except you can do it all by yourself as and when you need it.

It’s currently sitting on my desk and, at £29.99, I don’t have to win the lottery to feel better. It may not be the prettiest invention in the world, but then again we all know that beauty is more than skin deep.

One thought on “Nodge over knots

  1. I immediately went looking and the best price seems to be on – great recommendation! I get so many knots and am forever asking my partner to massage me… he’s useless…Sorry Paul 🙂

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