Big it up!


Continuing my Christmas Countdown bumper beauty gift guide, and, how apt, today it’s all about the oversized. Day 5 and Mark Hill‘s larger-than-life leopard-print wash bag is my pick of the day.

Ideal for every glamazon, it’s packed with all the vital necessities for making big hair this Christmas. 


The Love Big Hair Essential Styling Kit, £18, contains a Big It Up Volume Shampoo and matching Conditioner, a Big Blow Volume Spray and a detangling comb.

The shampoo has a light-weight formula so works effectively to build thickness and volume even on the finest hair. Follow up with the conditioner and hair feels full of bounce and life – and definitely thicker.

For styling, use the Thicker Volume Spray and comb (which easily tames unruly tresses). The styling spray has root plumping ingredients so you can achieve that party look in no time. They’ll thank you forever.


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