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I’m sure you’ll be decking your rooms with more than just a few boughs of holly this Christmas. Looking for inspiration? Then here’s my little festive guide to seasonal décor that I hope will inspire you to add a sprinkle of sparkle and a touch of magic to the place you call home.

Home by Habitat

Whether it’s a perfectly colour co-ordinated scheme or a mix of much-loved hand-me-downs, dressing your home for Christmas is a uniquely personal affair. You may festoon every clear surface with glittering baubles or you may lean towards a pared-back minimalist approach. Whatever style catches your eye, there’s no doubt that it’s the most wonderful time of year to make your home the best it can be. Over the next few days, I will outline four different styles for you – today it’s how to do…


A warm welcome courtesy of The White Company
A warm welcome courtesy of The White Company

“Doing a festive decor ‘whiteout’ is the simplest way to suit the tastes of everyone in your household whilst maintaining a coherent aesthetic,” claims Linda Holmes, creative director of Lux Deco, a luxury website specializing in curated and exclusive home brands (www.luxdeco.com). “On the one hand, it’s evocative of traditional snowy days and frosty winter scenes; on the other, it’s a brilliantly purist look teeming with modern elegance.”

The White Company – what it says on the tin: connoisseurs in the all-white look
The White Company – what it says on the tin: connoisseurs in the all-white look

While the all-white look may be too disciplined for some of us who are tied to the allure of colourful chintz, it is undoubtedly one of the most stunning and chic – perfectly complimenting the modern home. Master of the style is, of course, The White Company (www.thewhitecompany.com), whose Christmas collection this year includes a covetable array of silvered candlesticks, white stars and diamond orbs.

Silver decorations by Joanna Wood
Silver decorations (above and below) by Joanna Wood

Joanna Wood Diamante Decoration with Silver Birds - £11.99

To glam up the all-white look and avoid it looking too stark, add a few hits of sparkle and shine with crystal accessories and silver accents, such as the silver leaf, glitter and diamante decorations available from the Winter Palace collection at Joanna Wood (www.joannawood.co.uk). Inspired by the romance of a luxurious ice palace, the interior designer agrees it is a stunning look for Christmas.

 Joanna Wood Silver Leaf Trellis Bauble - £3.30

“This theme plays on the romance and glamour of winter with references to ice tones and plenty of glitter,” Joanna Wood reveals. She advises: “Start your scheme with your base decorations in silver, white and neutral tones. Ensure the placement of decorations is planned in advance to echo the symmetry of snowflakes and the grandeur of royalty. Once happy with the spread of your base decorations add the finishing touches with glitter, diamonds and any larger decorations.”

Rigby & Mac: white out
Rigby & Mac: white out

Rigby & Mac Origami Fairy Lights, £36 89HL2012 A Mercurised Lights - Rigby & Mac NUL09HA2104B

Once you have your core stock of white decorations, it is a relatively easy look to achieve. Look for affordable items, such as paper stars and origami angel lights (both available at Rigby & Mac, www.rigbyandmac.com), and bedeck surfaces with white fairy lights and softly-lit church candles.

Bedeck's Dawn Collection
Bedeck’s Dawn and Tranquility (below) Collections


Having house-guests to stay this year? Then you can continue the theme in the bedrooms by making up beds in soft white linens, cosied up with fur throws and dreamy blankets. Check out Bedeck’s Tranquility and Dawn ranges for inspiration (www.bedeck.com).

LAURAcakestand-btfweb_zoom MARNEjugwhtlrg

Lastly, don’t forget that your dining table can also be a highlight by using all-white crockery, fine linens, white flowers and silver accessories. Habitat’s Scandinavian-inspired crockery, including cake stands and jugs (above), are perfect for the big day – and, best of all, you can continue to use them all year-round (www.habitat.co.uk). It may look serene but simply add colour with plenty of lively conversation.

Tomorrow: How to do Rustic Chic

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