Home for the holidays: Part 3

Continuing a look at Christmas home styling. Today: Colour Frenzy

Chime wreath at Habitat
Chime wreath at Habitat

If we can’t indulge in our love for eye-popping colours and chintz at Christmas, then we never will. If you are a veritable magpie, attracted by the multicoloured hues of flashing lights and even flashier baubles, then this is the look for you. Blues, purples and pinks may not be traditional but they are fun, and used in the right way can look stylish. White Christmas trees, neon baubles and garish decorations? Bring it on. For this is not about matching but clashing – have fun and go wild.


London Transport Museum
Inspirations by London Transport Museum

Tree Decoration - LTM

Inspired by British traditions are the must-have decorations available from the London Transport Musueum (sure to turn into cult products of the future). Christmas trees, stars and glass baubles are made out of the green, red and black material taken from the old District Line moquette seat covers. Genius! (www.ltmuseumshop.co.uk).


Cotton Reel Fairy
Fairy tale magic by Gisela Graham. This pic: Cotton Reel Fairy
Gisela Graham - Fairy Standing Small
Woodland Fairy by Gisela Graham
Woodland Wreath Close up 2
Woodland Wreath by Gisela Graham


When it comes to Christmas décor, Gisela Graham is the reigning queen. Her extensive range of products for Christmas covers every theme you can think of, but most charming of all are her pretty-coloured fairies – such as the Cotton Reel Fairy and the Highland Forest Fairy – ideal to take pride of place as the crowning glory of your tree (www.giselagraham.co.uk).


Neon nativity at Sainsbury's
Neon nativity at Sainsbury’s

Meanwhile, perfect for adding to your basket when you are shopping for your turkey this year, is an item or two from Sainsbury’s Neon Christmas collection (www.sainsburys.co.uk). Vivid pink decoupage baubles, primary-coloured nativity sets and gold stag heads are part of a line-up of festive home-wares from the supermarket that is surprisingly bang-on-trend for 2013.


Colour up your dining table with a little help from Carluccio’s


Finally, as most of Christmas is centred around food anyway, why not continue the colour theme on your dining table? Carluccio’s pretty Frutta di Marzapane baskets and Fiocchi di Neve look stunning set in glass bowls as a centerpiece when entertaining, and are good enough to eat, literally (www.carluccios.com).


Tomorrow: Glitz and Glitter


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