Blue notes for boys (and girls)


For my Christmas gift nomination today, on Day 18, my suggestion is this unique scent from Comme des Garçons Parfum. Blue Cedrat, £75, is part of its Blue Series, which was launched in the summer and which consists of three scents. A unisex perfume in a deliciously sexy bottle, I love how different this is to everything else on the market… but then again this is by creative powerhouse Comme de Garçons.


Combining Italian cedar, bitter quinine accord (juniper berries, Angelica roots), metallic rose, Virginian cedar wood for a unique fragrance – the result is the olfactory version of the colour blue. An odd concept, maybe, but Comme des Garcons perfumes are known for their niche, avant-garde take on fragrances and have a huge, cult following.

Devised by renowned nose Nathalie Feisthauer, this is combines being unusual, wearable and also head-turning. It’s also aimed at both men and women (love that!). A great gift for that creative guru in  your life –  this is something they never knew they wanted, until they got it this Christmas.

And you can’t beat that for a gift.



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