Hotel Lust List 2014

Continuing my top 10 hot list of new hotels. Today: LONHEA, Swiss Alps

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When spas boast about their personalised service, it normally means a core range of treatments that can be tweaked to suit a restricted range of needs. Not so at Lonhea, a new Alpine clinic nestled away in the Swiss Alps in Villars-sur-Ollon, an hour and a half from Geneva. Its raison d’etre, devised by renowned medical practitioner Dr Michael Golay, is to take personalised service to a new level with an emphasis on diet and exercise to promote long-term wellbeing.

Iveranda Vgeneralview

Serving only nine guests at a time, who stay in traditional-style mountain chalets, its emphasis is on absolute attention for each guest. After a rigorous four-hour health analysis, you are given full overhaul with a team of chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists and personal trainers at your beck and call. A week’s stay with a four-month follow-up is the recommendation, so this is for serious spa junkies only. Yoga, massages, an infrared sauna and pristine mountain air complete the allure and you can even expect a drop of red wine or two – for health reasons only, you understand. It’s the ultimate destination spa.

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