Spring Preview: Sex and the City Sunset



Hello Spring! I’ve missed you. We may not have turned our backs on winter just yet, but I’m anticipating the new season with a special preview of some of the best beauty buys for Spring/Summer 2014.

Today: I’m channelling the girls of Sex and the City with the new Sunset Body Spray, £5.


It’s not often a beauty product takes you for a walk down memory lane. When the Sex and the City Sunset body spray arrived, it immediately brought back memories of my teenage years when a girl wouldn’t dare leave the house without a swoosh of an Impulse body spray. Of recent years, body sprays have fallen out of fashion but, actually, when they work well, they are a great addition to a beauty kit.

A deodorant body spray is a great way to smell fresh throughout the day – and not feel too ‘perfumed’ – and this version (inspired by my fave TV show ever) has a gorgeous floral aroma. Blood orange, violet leaves, freesia and green apple combine to give a feminine fragrance and aims to capture the magic of New York’s sunset. Cocktails anyone? It’s also just enough to leave a delicate whisper of perfume as you waft around.


We may not be able to bring back Carrie and the girls (sigh), but at least we can smell (a little) like them.


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