Spring Beauty Preview: Champneys Body Brush and Mineral Detox Shower Gel



Saying hello to Spring means saying hello to all those bits we’ve had hidden over the past few months. So now we’ve seen a bit of sun, we’re all trying to swiftly achieve smooth legs and sleek upper arms after months of being undercover. Nothing gets silky, bump-free skin like dry body brushing does. Pair Champneys soft-bristled version with their Mineral Detox Shower Gel and you’ll be on the fast track to soft glowing limbs.

Dry brushing is a great way to stimulate circulation. I’ve been using Champneys’ Luxury Body Brush (£10) all over just before stepping into my morning shower. Start at the ankles and brush lightly and briskly towards the heart. It puts a real zing in your step and livens up the skin, as well as getting rid of dry cells.

Follow up with the Mineral Detox Shower Gel (£6). It is enriched with seaweed extract and helps to detoxify skin. It foams up and feels like it is giving a really deep clean. If you can face it, turn the shower to cold just before you finish to really get the circulation going.


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