Spring Beauty Preview: Yves Rocher Beautiful Glow Foundation



With the advent of BB Creams, CC Creams, tinted moisturisers, prep balms and fixers, I sometimes find myself confused as to what my skin needs of a morning. Sometimes I just want to revert back to the basics. I haven’t used a foundation in years – and only then if I had a lot of covering up to do, so I was a bit wary when I heard the claims about Yves Rocher’s Youthful Glow Foundation, £27. But giving it a try, I found that I could ditch the multi-layering of products as it seemed to do the job of them all combined.

What do we want from a base? We want skin to look flawless, dewy and radiant. This liquid foundation leaves my skin just like that and I love its wonderful smoothing texture. It also gives great coverage without looking too heavy (the problem with foundations of old).

Its USP, though, is the fact that it contains smoothing pearls wrapped in rose extracts to give a youthful effect to the complexion. The pearls allow a better match with your skin and do not accentuate fine lines, reflecting light more evenly. You can definitely see the difference.

What’s more, the creamy fluid sinks nicely into the skin and leaves it with a soft glow and matt finish. Less is definitely more.


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