Spring Beauty Preview: Josh Wood Collection



Marks & Spencer‘s beauty emporium is growing from strength to strength with its shelves now bulging with many beauty editor’s favourite products. What is great about its beauty offering is that in the bigger stores you will come across some cult items you simply would not expect to find in the store better associated with underwear and basics.

In the quest for even more unique products, the store is now collaborating with beauty brands to offer customers products only available in M&S and the latest is with acclaimed hair colourist Josh Wood. The range of salon-quality products include shampoos and conditioners designed to nourish coloured hair and to ensure no build-up, leaving hair clean and shiny. All available from March, from £5. There’s a choice of three different types – Full Bodied to add volume; Hold which moisturises dry hair and smooth which smoothes and adds shine to coarse hair. The range contains a unique fragrance of cedar wood oil, ginger oil and geranium oil and leaves hair lovely and scented.


Also part of the new offering are these genius Blending Wands, £12.50. Each contains a non-permanent instant colour formula that hides grey hairs and blends regrowth. Available in four shades, it is applied to wet or dry hair and then you simply blow dry to set. Its perfect for those times when you can’t get to the salon or just want an instant lift for a night out. Its wonderfully innovate beauty from one of the leading names in haircare. M&S done good.


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