Spring Beauty Preview: Moa Daily Cleansing Ritural



Well, hello gorgeous! I just love this new Daily Cleansing Ritual from Moa, £14.99. Inside each illustrated pot (adore) you’ll find a cult pot of Moa Green Balm and a soft bamboo face cloth.


Rub in the balm all over your face for a deep cleanse – it removes oils and impurities and leaves the complexion fresh and radiant. It smells fresh and clean, too.

As it is so gentle, it can also be uses around the eyes to remote eye makeup. Blend it in the palm of your hands and the balm melts to become an oil-like consistency. Massage it all over (this also helps tone facial muscles and aids lymph circulation). You then dip the face cloth in hot water and press it to your face. This steaming effect removes dirt, make-up and oils, while sealing in the essential oils. Finish off by placing the cloth (having been soaked in cold water) all over to tone and close the pores.  



The Green Balm is made with organic yarrow, a herb renowned for its healing properties. It also contains tea tree oil, nature’s powerful antiseptic, beeswax, coconut, sweet almond and soy bean oils help to soften, nourish and protect the skin.

As well as a fab cleanser, it can be used on bites, grazes and minor burns and is also a fantastic cold sore healer. Essential kit for beauty addicts.



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