Spring Beauty Preview: Baylis & Harding Strawberries & Cream



My little gem for today is the limited edition Strawberries & Cream gift set from Baylis & Harding. Unbelievably good value for money at £7, it is made up of a bumper bottle of shower creme and a moisturising hand and body lotion. It’s the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or indeed for ‘gifting’ yourself.

I love Baylis & Harding products – they not only look great but they work hard too (at such a great price point). The shower creme, for instance, feels luxurious and not ‘budget’, while the body lotion is perfect for being extravagant with and drenching limbs in layers of it (you know you haven’t spent a fortune on it). Its texture is also surprisingly thick and creamy.

The limited edition scent –  sugary – is subtle and not overpowering, and I found myself catching wafts of it as the day progressed. Sweet.


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