Summer prep: targeted products that really work

IMG_3754 2

I’m loving the latest batch of hardworking, targeted products that have come out this year. These body skincare products are especially targeted to get you ship-shape for the summer. First of all is Love Your Skin Collagen Moisturising Gel. I really like the light, water-based gel texture of this. Use after the shower and it goes on like a dream. What’s more, it is rich in natural collagen and has added Evening Primrose and Aloe Vera, to provide an intensive cooling and hydrating experience. Fabulous for when in hot climates (it’s not sticky and takes seconds to apply all-over), but also ideal for firming up pre-holiday. Available from

Next, I’m using Soap & Glory’s The Firminator, targeted arm firming and toning formula. The toning and exfoliating gel gets rid of those unsightly back-of-the-arm bumps and tones up the skin. You sweep it onto the skin until the tiny beads have dissolved. Ideal to get into shape for those summer frocks. Available from

Lastly, is Xen-Tan’s Luminous Gold Gel self-tan, in medium. This is one of the best self-tans that I have tried. You apply the clear gel and it develops into a golden colour within three hours. What’s more, this has a gentle, iridescent sparkle to it – so that skin looks dewy, with a natural sheen. It also moisturises (so no need to double up on products before applying) and leaves subtle gold shimmer flecks on the skin. It also has a light, tropical scent – rather than the ‘biscuit’ smell of many others. Gorge. Available from


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