Liquid lunch

Finally I’ve succumbed to the health trend that seems to have taken hold with everyone this summer. Juicing. Not for me though is struggling with a juicer and tons of fruit and veg, instead I’ve taken the easy route with Purifyne Cleanse‘s genius juice delivery service.





The idea of juicing has always appealed but I’ve never been quite organised enough to commit to the idea – having enough fresh fruit and vegetables in, knowing what to put in each one to keep it from becoming boring and having enough time to be able to do it effectively. Purifyne Cleanse alleviates all of those problems, with its fresh delivery service via courier (they pre-arrange a delivery time with you so you can be on hand to refrigerate the juices).


The nutritionally dense, organic, cold-pressed juices are freshly prepared daily and can be delivered nationwide. Every juice has almost 3lbs of vegetables and fruit within them and with cold-pressed juices retaining 50 times more vitamins, minerals & enzymes, than any other juicing method, they promise endless nutritional benefits.

My cold delivery arrives
My cold delivery arrives

There’s a wide range of programmes to choose from  – such as the new 5:2 juice plan, detox cleansing and weight-loss and an interesting choice of blends, to stop you getting bored. I opted to try the just-launched three-five day Juice Pack, £89, ideal for those who are too busy to mess around juicing themselves or for those who want an extra boost and not the full commitment of a full-on juice detox.


The four packs available – Anti-Aging, Immunity, Fitness and New Mothers – have been created in collaboration with leading nutrition, beauty and fitness experts. They contain six bottles of organic juices which can be used as meal replacements or simply as healthy additions to your diet.


My choice was the Immunity Juice Pack, designed by Vicki Edgson, one of the UK’s most respected nutritional therapists, and which contains Vitamin-C rich juices to supercharge your immune system and to keep you healthy if you are feeling tired or run-down.


Day 1



I started my morning off with the Morning Liver Bliss with its mix of carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger. Surprisingly filling, this is packed full of Vitamin-C-rich plants which helps the body to function at its optimum levels and it is also a good source of beta carotene. It tasted delicious and I felt light and healthy afterwards (but full enough to avoid snacking).


Getting me through to lunch-time, I opted for a healthy salad and pitta bread with my second juice of the day: Very Berry – the most delicious of my three days.





Containinng carrot, apple, celery, blueberry, blackberry and mint, this juice has super immune boosting properties due to its vitamin C and A rich ingredients.

I found that I became aware that I was flooding my body with really healthy ingredients and so the thought of snacking on refined foods became off-putting. Because I was taking the juices with food, they became almost like my snack-replacements albeit extremely healthy and filling ones. All in all, a very successful first day!


Read more on my juicing tomorrow. Visit for more information.


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