Cleaning up

Day Three of my Purifyne Cleanse juice trial and I cannot sing their praises enough.

All in all I have lost 2lbs over the three days – and that is with simply having one juice as breakfast and another after lunch, followed by a healthy dinner.

While weight-loss was not an intention of doing this, it is a wonderful boost and an indication of how healthy the drinks are. Best of all though, is that I feel healthy and energised.

Today I was left with my final two juices: Thrive – a carrot, apple and ginger mix – is what I started my day off with. It is backed with beta-carotene and helps to fight off infections. A tasty way to kick start the day.

My second juice was Pure Green, a cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, lime and lemon mix. A stronger tasting juice, I had this over ice and sipped it as I was working mid-afternoon.

Both boost your immune system and help you feel in tip-top condition. Not sure if it was an illusion, but after three days, I felt my skin looked better and I felt less bloated and tired.

IMG_4571 IMG_4566

While the juice service may seem an indulgent way of trying juicing, the many benefits for me outweigh the price. By the time you buy all the fruit and vegetables needed to make such concentrated juices, and taking into account the convenience factor – this has my vote every time. Whether you can afford to incorporate this into your lifestyle or even if it is just an occasional boost to keep you on track, it’s worth every penny. Perfect prep, just in time for the summer holidays, too. for more information.

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