Raw beauty

Day 2 of my trialling the juice service from Purifyne Cleanse. I woke up feeling refreshed and less bloated. Checked the scales and I was 1lb lighter, so with a spring in my step I decided to follow yesterday’s example of having a juice for breakfast and an additional one with my lunch or as a mid-afternoon ‘snack’ break.


Eschewing my normal breakfast (natural yoghurt, granola and coffee), I opted instead for Green Supreme – a scarily-looking green juice made from apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger. It was a zingy wake-up call – and perhaps not as sweetly palatable as the others in my pack – but I was buoyed on by the thought of all the goodness I was putting into my body and finished it full and satisfied.


Working from home has its downfalls – and that is the kitchen is never far to wander into for a snack here and there during the day. Today, however, I managed to work through to midday and I opted for the Sweet Digestion juice as a post-lunch boost.


This was a refreshing blend of carrot, pineapple, ginger and cinnamon said to help the cleansing of the body’s major organs and effective in countering inflammatory responses.

Again my appetite seems to have been kept at bay and I lasted until dinner without the usual reaching for a small snack. Without the juices being already blended and waiting for me to drink, this would definitely be a lot harder to keep up but two days in, I am sold on the idea and I can see that – money being no object – this would be an easy solution to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Read more on my juicing tomorrow. Visitwww.purifynecleanse.com for more information.


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