Clever clogs: intelligent footwear


Let’s face it, medical-wear (blue surgical smock anyone?) is not known for being at the top of its game fashion-wise. But new ‘intelligen’t sock wear brand ITEM m6 may just be about to change all that.


Anyone unfortunate enough to have experienced having to wear compression socks after an op (or on a flight) may just have a little ray of light on the horizon. It’s a subject close to my heart as I recently had to wear the socks for at least 4-6 weeks after a minor op. Horror of horrors – as they were horrendous and didn’t do anything for my so-called wellbeing recovery! And I also frequently travel.

The socks and tights, from German intelligent legwear and shape wear brand ITEM m6, on the other hand, are brilliant alternatives to the usual compression socks. Such a genius idea.


The brand, part of the high-tech manufacturer Medi, which is the world leader in compression technology, uses a state-of-the-art manufacturing process and high quality materials to create their leg and shapewear. Each style is made from skin-friendly, high-performance fibres that prevent slipping and cutting and is enriched with silver ions for an antibacterial effect. The result is a range of products that keep your legs feeling light and relaxed to give you more energy, enhance your performance and also manage moisture and heat.


On first wearing them, the socks feel tight and fairly constricting, but then this eases off. They give a comfortable pressure just above the ankle, which decreases up the leg – but is just enough to shape it – and which promotes blood circulation and improves the overall oxygen supply from toe to head. Perfect for travellers.

Best of all is their nod to fashion with seasonal collections, colours and styles – a new range for AW14 has just been released. Next up from the brand is the new ITEM m6 shape wear – also just launched. The special shape and push-up zones on the base garments act like a second skin and give shape and definition. Definitely on my wish-list for the party season coming up. Clever clothing.




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