Harvest festival

I’ve harvested some new products for the new autumnal season. Here’s a little snapshot of what’s floating my boat.

IMG_4727 IMG_4729

Glamglow Youthmud has to be one of the beauty industry’s most whirlwind success stories. Going from zero to hero, the exfoliating face-mask has quickly become one of the most coveted products of recent times. Originally created by husband and wife team, Shannon and Glenn Dellimore, for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s entertainment industry, it garnered a name for itself as the must-have product for starlets wanting instant glowing skin. Due to this word-of-mouth success, the pressure was on for it to be widely available, and so the couple launched it for general sale in 2011 and haven’t looked back since.

Now available in 54 countries, it has won many beauty awards and accolades over the past three years. While its glamourous rock-star look – sparkling silver and black packaging and cute, retro pot – is part of the appeal, it is undoubtedly its fast-working ingredients giving instant results that are the reason for its success. Containing volcanic minerals and French sea clay, the mask tingles as it tightens and brightens the skin, allowing you to have a professional-level facial at home. Within ten minutes it has worked its magic – hydrating and balancing oil levels, exfoliating the skin’s surface, smoothing fine lines and leaving an incredible glow. Instant results, instant success – just like the brand itself. £49,00. www.glamglowmud.co.uk


IMG_4731 IMG_4733

I’ve rediscovered the blotting paper. This pouch from Jane Iredale is stacked with 100 lovely soft papers to remove oil and shine from skin – without removing make-up.

Made from 100 per cent natural organic flax seeds, which are more absorbent than traditional rice paper or linen, the Facial Blotting Papers absorb excess oil and come in a slim and sleek gold case that can double as a business card holder. £11, www.janeiredale.co.uk


IMG_4741 IMG_4743

While we are on the subject of blotting papers, I have to give this version from Japanese DHC a mention. First of all I love the packaging – the printed box is so pretty mixed with a downtown pharmacy feel with its plastic packaging. There’s also a little drawer that pulls out that contains the papers.

The DHC Blotting Paper oil-absorbing sheets mattify the complexion and make cosmetic touch-ups a breeze.Make-up stays in place and there’s no sign of any powdery product. They are the perfect travel companion for trips to humid destinations or just to fling in your bag for hot city days. £4, www.dhcuk.co.uk


IMG_4847 IMG_4849 IMG_4851

I love these Blush Papers from Mai Couture. Coming in a variety of colours – the papers are impregnated with pigments – such as Sunset Blvd – which is a pretty, apricot-gold shade – and are pressed on to the cheeks as a quick fix while on the go. The colour comes out unbelievably well and gives the complexion a lovely sheen. Best of all is the Trio Papier Poudre in Glow-geous. The mini-booklet contains powder-infused bronzer, highlighter and blush papers – all you need for a perfect complexion. £16.50, www.thisisbeautymart.com


IMG_4745 IMG_4747


Forget your traditional concealers, foundations and BB creams, a new product on the scene promises flawless skin from just one little tube. The highly concentrated Amazing Concealer erases dark circles, blemishes, rosacea and sun damage.

Just a tiny amount is needed to erase most skin imperfections and unsightly blemishes – a little really goes a long way. As a result of its advanced technology, the new generation product has highly concentrated pigments, a waterproof formula and an emollient texture, which means it can blend effortlessly into the skin without settling into pores and fine lines and won’t budge. £19.50, www.marksandspencer.com


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