Up or down: pop in a Popband



Have you heard about Popband London yet? They are the new ‘kind-to-your-hair’ hair bands that come in a variety of ‘collections’ of differing patterns and fabric choices.

Made from soft fabrics – whether they are glitter, print or plain – they do away with those annoying dents that are left in the hair after being pulled away from the face.




They are also cute on the wrist, the idea being that most of us ‘yo-yo’ with our hair through the day and end up with our hair-bands on our wrist. Therefore the fashion-minded Popbands look equally good if in use or not. While they are are soft to touch, they also have enough stretch to hold hair tight and in place (but still kink-free when you take it down!)

Among my favourites are these Aztec-inspired printed versions – with a touch of glitter. There are also longer hair-bands to choose from (perfect for up-do’s) as well as special-edition version with Swarovski crystal beads.


Available from www.thepopband.com

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