Burn bright: candles for autumn

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Now that autumn has finally arrived, it’s time to unveil the scented candles. Ideal for creating a cosy, atmospheric feel in the home, a variety of scented candles dotted around is a heart-warming thing.

My latest obsession is Fornasetti’s most gorgeous Malachite candle, £110. First of all is the design. The ceramic pot and lid features graphic ripples of the semi-precious stone it is inspired by, and is one of the signature designs of Piero Fornasetti. The dramatic black and jade palette is interspersed with rich seams of gold that bring a rich, organic pattern. It is a wonderful talking point, sitting proud on a period fireplace and will no doubt be a collector’s piece in time.

IMG_4837 IMG_4839

Then, of course, there’s the scent. The ‘Malachite’ fragrance is the fifth scent from Fornasetti, the Italian design house that is renowned for its dramatic wall coverings and home-wares, many of which are inspired by the surrealist movement. Taking its inspiration from the vibrant crystallized mineral, the black wax has rich green notes  – pine, clary sage and galbanum – blended with the smoky warmth and depth of cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood and amber.


‘Malachite’ is heady and deep – a wonderful ‘evening’ scent, reminiscent of dark cloistered rooms with a nod to a ‘Byzantine’ past. Light it after dark and you’ll be transported to dark basilicas, lofty coffered ceilings and towering pillars suffused with smoke and incense. For those catholics out there, like me, it’s a guilty pleasure.



IMG_4831 IMG_4829

Another new addition is from another heritage brand that I greatly admire. This time we are transported to Paris, France to the house of Cire Trudon. The Gabriel Candle, £65, is part of the brand’s Christmas Collection. To counterbalance Fornasetti’s deep, dark evening scent, this is a wonderful daytime fragrance and ideal for the festive season ahead.

IMG_4833 IMG_4835

With notes of leather, cashmere wood and candied chestnuts – this brings a warmth to the home on chilly winter days, giving a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Cire Trudon dates back to 1643 and has a rich history of candle making and fragrance. The label is evocative of bygone times with its products being synonymous with candle-lit palaces and chateau. Part of its rich history, for instance, is that it supplied the Palace of Versailles until the end of the monarchy.

Fast forward to modern-day times and its timeless design still has resonance today. I love the shimmering green of the glass the candle comes in and the gold inner that is slowly revealed as the candle burns. It also comes in a wonderful gift box (although this one is staying put in my own little palace).


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