Body works: drench your skin for autumn


These new pampering body products are just perfect for the colder weather that has descended upon us. Dove‘s new Caring Protection Body Wash, £2.50, is super hydrating (it contains sunflower seed oil to boost moisture levels) and leaves limbs feeling smooth and silky.

It has a mild formula, so doesn’t dry or strip skin, and gives a lovely, rich, creamy lather, which feels super-luxe and like it gives a good, deep clean. It’s a great budget buy and is on a par to other, much more expensive body washes.


I’ve been following up by using the Resolute Hydrating Body Balm, £25, by super-cool beauty brand Aesop. It has a great, rich formula but instantly sinks into skin, leaving legs, arms and body supple and with a short sheen. It is formulated with wheat germ, sweet almond oils and shea butter and has a subtle spicy scent. Gorgeous.

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