Burn, baby, burn: go on a fragrance journey



One of my favourite things is a gorgeous scented candle. My latest discovery is the Baobab Collection of candles inspired by Africa and the concept of travel (think Russian steppes and Egyptian pyramids as starting points).

Not only does this Citrine Pearl version smell amazing (notes of gardenia and tuberose make it both fresh and floral), it also has one of the loveliest, speckled, hand-blown glass designs that I have seen – inspired by rare pearl colourings.


The hand-made candles by the Belgium brand (named after the Baobab tree found in the African savannah) are all closely linked to travel and the concept of journey – so are right up my street.

With fragrances created by perfumers in Grasse, the luxury brand looks exquisite on a mantlepiece and is the perfect gift for Christmas (that is if you can bear to part from it, which I can’t!).


The Baobab Collection is stocked in Harrods, Selfridges and online at www.amara.com.



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