Super fly, Superdry


I’ve always loved the cool label Superdry. It’s been my go-to label for weekend hoodies, coats with attitude (their anoraks are so practical yet have a hip edge with their signature multitude of zips) and washed-out lumberjack shirts. It’s a bit skater-girl and a bit vintage – a tiny bit rock ‘n roll.

I’m not alone – just look around you next time you are out and about and you’ll notice the ubiquitous Japanese signage on the back shoulder of many a light jacket, the bold signature on backpacks and the distinctive logo on T-shirts abound. Once you’ve noticed it, you’ll see the brand everywhere – like a mini urban fashion takeover has happened without anyone speaking about it.

superdry-backpacks-superdry-tarp-zip-backpack-black-jaffa images

And that’s its appeal. Compared to many other fashion brands, there’s a mystery surrounding Superdry. Is it British? Is it Japanese? (It’s British for those of you still confused). Is it for teens or is it for oldies? (Both – it’s appeal is not ageist). My 12 year-old-boy, for instance, loves the label so much, he doesn’t bat an eyelid at wearing the medium size from the women’s range (“All boys that age do,” says our local store, when I questioned this for reassurance!). It’s something he wouldn’t dream of doing with other brands.

Their latest collection has upped the fashion ante with thick-knit sweaters, dark skinny denim, and even some tailoring thrown into the mix. Dark greys and forest greens were contrasted with zingy oranges and reds. If you’re one of the only ones out there that hasn’t tried it yet – do. You’ll be surprised.

Judge for yourselves here:

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