Beauty Christmas Countdown: Day 13

IMG_5265 IMG_5266

Today’s beauty gift idea is not meant for an aunty or grannie – unless they are exceptionally hip ones, that is. Bliss’s Rock The Party, £36, is a little box of must-haves for bright young things to get through the party circuit (and, essentially, the kind of girl who will see the funny side of giving them Fat Girl Slim). Bliss is known for its cool results-driven products that do the job they say they do and this gift box contains four of the brand’s iconic products.


Bliss’s cult Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask, for instance, is a fantastic gift all by itself. It is one of my beauty staples and it works within minutes to clear debris and brighten the complexion. I love its fast-acting foaming formula which really does revive dull, sallow skin.


Don’t be put off by the name, Fat Girl Slim is what every girl needs no matter what size you are! The firming cream is ideal after a bath or shower and sinks quickly and deftly into skin. The idea is to use a firm massaging action with it and it targets unsightly dimples as well as toning and firming flabby areas – giving an overall slimline silhouette. A must for that party dress.


A lovely hand cream is a wonderful gift and Bliss’s High Intensity Hand Cream is just the thing for winter months. It smooths cuticles and softens hard patches with macadamia oil and grapeseed extract leaving dry hands silky, not greasy.

Lastly is a little Triple Oxygen Eye Mask packet. This 15-minute eye treatment brightens around the eye area – ideal for a quick   pick me up over the festive period. Three forms of glow-inducing oxygen work to  brighten, de-puff and hydrate the skin around the eye. Perfect for every party girl.


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