Beauty Christmas Countdown: Day 18


I absolutely love today’s gift idea. Steam Cream’s Silver Star is just the thing for hanging on your tree as a little surprise for a loved one. Inside is a mini tin of the covetable moisturiser which softens, calms and restores for radiant skin.


The soft moisturiser is created by using a special steam process. It does away with the use of complex molecules to bind ingredients, which many other moisture’s have and which gives them a heavy emulsion that sits on the surface of the skin and only moisturises the outer layer. Steam Cream, by contrast, is light and loosely bound so that it penetrates into the skin leaving it smooth, supple and flexible for longer. It also uses sustainable sourced raw materials such as neroli, rose absolute, chamomile blue, lavender essential oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, for healthy and hydrated skin.

Normally known for its vibrantly designed tins, many with limited edition prints, this mini version is a sophisticate silver and the ideal size for on the go. It’s the perfect way to shine like a star this Christmas.


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