Beauty Christmas Countdown: Day 20


Another day, and it’s another lovely gift idea for beauty lovers out there. Korres’ Vanilla, Freesia and Lychee Eau de Toilette, £30, is one of the loveliest I have come across of late. Imagine a bursting bouquet of blooms with a hint of the exotic and that’s what’s bottled here by the Greek beauty label, which bases its products on bygone homeopathic beauty practices.

Named simply by its dominant notes, it literally does what it says on the bottle. The sweet, seductive notes of vanilla are derived from tropical climbing orchids. The vanilla pod is believed to awaken the senses and induce dreams of love. The freesia gives an intense aroma of freshly cut flowers while the lychee element adds a unique air of mystery and adds in oriental notes to the floral heart.


What’s more the scent will appeal to lovers of natural products as they do not contain synthetics such as polycyclic-musk (PCM), nitro-musk and phthalates. This is a wonderful scent for those who want something original and unique yet, unlike many niche fragrance brands, is wonderfully uplifting and gloriously pleasing to use. Yes, please, Santa!, Available from



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