Drink yourself into your LBD, courtesy of Fruveju

Juicing is the health buzz-word of the moment with millions of us turning to the liquid stuff for its health benefits. New company Fruveju (www.fruveju.com) supplies a range of freshly-made juices to your door (£230 for a three day cleanse) and I was lucky enough to recently try out its innovative Little Black Dress Cleanse.

“It is designed to deliver a giant antioxidant dose to the body through a variety of nutrient-rich green juices,” says founder Vanessa Valdez. “It will banish the bloat and you’ll feel lighter and brighter.”

Exactly what I needed.


Fruveju is one of London’s leading organic juice cleanse companies and your delivery straight to your door – and into your fridge – includes six juices for each of the three days plus a herbal tea. Each juice is designed to deliver all the nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and flush out toxins. Just the ticket before the festive season.

IMG_5355 IMG_5357

I staggered my drinks throughout the day and kept to a ‘low-profile’ diet of muesli, pitta for lunch and salads. The juices are deceptively filling so it would have been easy to use this as a proper detox if I had wished too (or dared too!)

Number 1 Juice is Pure Greens (kale, lemon, ginger, celery, spinach, cucumber, green apple, spring green) – it’s fresh and zingy and is a fab ‘awakener’ for morning time.

IMG_5361 IMG_5363

Number 2 is the Watermelon & Lime – which was my favourite. Subtly sweet, I had this mid-morning and it helped stop the usual snack cravings.

IMG_5365 IMG_5367
Number 3 Wonder Greens (pear, parsley, romaine, watercress, cucumber, chia seeds) is perfect for lunch-time and is packed with good, healthy ingredients and, again, I found it to be surprisingly tasty.

IMG_5370 IMG_5372
Number 4 Spicy Lemonade (cayenne, lemon, coconut nectar) was my afternoon ‘pitstop’. I sipped this while at my desk and it had an uplifting, energising effect to keep me going through that mid-afternoon slump period.

IMG_5374 IMG_5376
Number 5 Sweet Greens (orange, spinach, cucumber, lemon, mint, pear) was another winner. Before trying these, i thought I would like the green juices the least, but, I think knowing they are packed with so many good ingredients, you can’t help but feel the amount of good they are doing to your body and so liking them even more, notwithstanding the really very good taste!

IMG_5379 IMG_5381
Number 6 Cashew Milk (cashew, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut nectar) was my least favourite as I’m not a fan of milk drinks. You drink this two hours before bedtime to allow it to digest in time.

I then rounded each day off by gently warming the herbal tea provided. After three days, I did notice a difference in feeling healthier and stronger. The no-fuss delivery meant a wonderful easy way to juice with the drinks ready to be consumed to fit in around your day.

IMG_5347 IMG_5351 IMG_5353 IMG_5349

Best of all, Fruveju has partnered with Cocorose London, renowned for its signature foldable shoes. Each juice kit comes with a chic pair of Cocorose London’s Islington style foldable loafers. I really loved my sequinned pair, so perfect for folding into the own matching travel purse, and slipping into my bag for a night on the tiles. Ideal for when your feet can’t face another step in heels at the end of the night.

It’s top to toe goodness – LBD here I come.

For more information visit www.fruveju.com

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